Transcend Showcases the Newest Body Camera DrivePro Body 70


Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend®), a leading provider of digital storage and multimedia solutions, unveils the DrivePro Body 70 body camera. Designed specifically for law enforcement, medical professionals, and security personnel, this body camera boasts a compact, separate lens for enhanced mounting options. Equipped with a high-sensitivity image sensor and military-grade, shockproof design with IP68 protection, the DrivePro Body 70 captures full events in real-time, ensuring the safety of frontline workers.

Tethered Camera with High-Sensitivity Image Sensor

Comprised of a main unit and a separate, compact lens, the DrivePro Body 70 is easy to mount on uniforms and vests. With its high-sensitivity image sensor, it can capture high-resolution images and 2K QHD 1440P video in various conditions, even in low light, providing law enforcement with critical evidence.

Built-in GPS Receiver for Real-Time Location Tracking

The DrivePro Body 70 is equipped with a built-in GPS receiver for geotagging videos and images. When paired with the DrivePro Body Toolbox, users can view their route on a map display during video playback, making it simple to determine the time and location of an event.

Rugged Design for Harsh Environments

The DrivePro Body 70 is built to withstand harsh conditions, making it ideal for outdoor use. Its IP68 rating offers full protection against dust and water, and it meets the rigorous MIL-STD-810G 516.6 US military drop-test standards for shock resistance. The camera also features a buffering mode recording option, which saves the recorded file, including footage from 2 minutes prior to an incident, by quickly pressing the power button twice. Users can also set a password to protect recorded data from unauthorized access.

Full-Shift Battery Life and Ample Storage

The DrivePro Body 70 has a high-capacity li-polymer battery that provides up to 9 hours of continuous recording on a single charge. Its 64GB internal storage space can store up to 13 hours of 2K QHD video, ensuring that first responders never miss important moments during a shift.

Wireless Connectivity and Mobile App

The DrivePro Body 70 supports Bluetooth for basic setup and mode switching, as well as Wi-Fi for live streaming on mobile devices. When paired with the DrivePro Body App, users can view real-time footage, search and play videos, and adjust device settings on their iOS/Android devices.

Digital Evidence Management with DrivePro Body Toolbox

The DrivePro Body Toolbox is a user-friendly tool for managing digital evidence. It provides an intuitive UI for organizing video and photo libraries and allows users to manage firmware updates and formatting, as well as blur or block faces in video footage with its facial recognition smart detection feature.

Accessories and All-in-One Docking Station

The DrivePro Body 70 comes with a belt holster and two mounts (clip and adhesive), enabling users to mount the camera as needed. Users can also purchase Transcend’s DPD6N docking station, which simplifies document sorting, device charging, and data backup for supporting frontline workers.

The DrivePro Body 70 body camera is backed by a two-year limited warranty and is manufactured in Taiwan with rigorous quality control to ensure the best product quality.

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